Sebastian Ivan, licensed Arizona Realtor since 2009

Sebastian Ivan, licensed Arizona Realtor since 2009


It all started when...

I moved to Arizona back in December 2007 at the beginning of the worst economic recession in US recent history. No one could predict when it will happen but we all went through it. I bought a house in Mesa, Arizona for what it seemed a bargain price at the time. Little did I know the value of the house will continue to slide to an almost free fall to the point that a year later I lost a 40% value of what I paid for in late 2007. Having been through this real estate market roller coaster I decided I want to be more involved and learn the intricacies of the market, how it functions, learn about its cycles and about market timing. With a previous engineering background I could create charts, trend lines, interpret economic data and so forth. With an MBA degree doubled by a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering I succeeded to achieve a better understanding of how market works, how the property values change in short and long terms and what is the behind the scenemechanism that keeps a transaction going and what keeps it from falling apart. All this knowledge and expertise I have accumulated over the years I want you to use it and to put it to work. Contact me any time, 24/7 at 480.370.7222 or email me at sivan.phatom@gmail.com


Residences designed to make the everyday extraordinary.


Located along the cliffs in Sydney's Vaucluse district, Bryant Hill is an exclusive lifestyle community just recently completed in 2014. Bryant Hill – designed by the world-renowned Hayden Collective, features luxury residences in a wide variety of styles, along with handy amenities like a poolhouse, café, and coworking space located on premises. Photography in this template courtesy of Shantanu Starick.




Architecture by TAKT.